Basketball Star


  •  In this game all 243 pay ways are permanently enabled.
  • Your total bet amount is the number of coins you bet, multiplied by the bet multiplier.
  • You can bet up to 10 coins per spin.
  • A bet multiplier of 50 applies per spin. For example, 5 coins bet per spin x 50 bet multiplier = 250 total coins bet.
  • To convert your win amount in coins to credits, multiply the number of coins won by the coin size you bet.

Regular symbols

  • Regular wins are created when the same symbols appear next to each other, with one of the symbols displayed on the first slot reel.
  • One regular win is paid per pay way. If you have more than one combination, you are paid the win that has the highest value.
  • Regular wins are displayed in coins on the pay table.
  • Regular payouts depend on the number of coins you bet per spin.
  • Scatter and bonus wins are added to regular wins.

Wild symbol


  • Substitutes for other symbols to complete wins.
  • Does not substitute for the scatter symbol.
  • Does not create its own win when multiple wild symbols appear on a pay way.
  • Multiple wild symbols can appear on the same reel, creating a symbol stack.
  • Reel 1 and 2 do not have any wild symbols.
  • Reel 3 has an 18 symbol stack.
  • Reel 4 has a 25 symbol stack.
  • Reel 5 has a 3 symbol stack.
  • Regular win rules apply.

Scatter symbol


  • Does not need to appear next to each other on a pay way to win.
  • Creates a scatter win when three or more appear anywhere on the reels.
  • Is not substituted by the wild symbol.
  • Activates free spins when three or more appear on the reels.
  • Scatter wins are displayed as a multiplier value on the pay table.
  • Scatter payouts depend on your total bet.
  • Scatter and bonus wins are added to regular wins.

Rolling Reels™ feature

  • Any win activates the Rolling Reels™ feature, except for scatter symbol combination wins.
  • If you have a win, you are paid out and the win symbols are removed. The symbols above shift position to fill the empty spaces.
  • This feature is available during free spins.

Wild Shot feature

  • The Wild Shot feature is randomly activated during the regular slot game.
  • Up to two reels are transformed into a wild reel.
  • Rolling Reels™ are available in this feature.
  • Only reels 2, 3 and 4 are transformed.
  • Only activates if the wild reels can complete a win.
  • Winnings are automatically collected during the feature.
  • Scatter and bonus wins are added to regular wins.

Free spins

Spin for free!


  • Activates when three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels.
  • You are awarded up to 25 free spins.
  • The number of symbols that activated the bonus game indicates the number of free spins you win.
  • Rolling Reels™ are available during the free spins.
  • If you have a win from the shifting symbols, you are paid out again with an increasing multiplier value. This continues until you do not have a win.
  • The maximum multiplier value is 10.
  • The multiplier value resets to 1 if the shifting symbols do not complete a win.
  • Free spins cannot be re-activated.
  • The last bet you placed in the game is used as the free spins bet amount.
  • Scatter and bonus wins are added to regular wins.

Paytable Achievements

  • Tracks your win status by highlighting symbol combinations you have won.
  • When you win all combinations for the same symbol it is highlighted.
  • Achievements are permanently highlighted on the pay table, even if you exit the game.
  • Regular game wins are logged as achievements.
  • Wild symbol substitute wins are not logged as achievements.
  • Wild Shot feature wins are not logged as achievements.


AutoPlay enables you to automatically play a number of consecutive games.

You must select a bet amount before you start AutoPlay, as it plays with the last bet value.

To turn AutoPlay on in a game:

  1. Tap and hold Spin.
  2. Tap the number of spins you want to play, or tap Until Stop to play until you select to stop.

The number of spins remaining in your AutoPlay session is displayed in the game. To stop AutoPlay at any time, tap Stop.

Quick spin

Quick spin increases the reel spin speed to display your results quicker.

To turn quick spin on in a game:

  1. Slide right to Settings.
  2. Tap quick spin Off.

To disable quick spin, tap quick spin On.

Configure my total bet

Your total bet amount is the number of coins you bet, multiplied by the bet multiplier.

  1. Slide right to Settings.
  2. Tap Coin Size and select a coin size.
  3. Tap Coins and select the number of coins.

Change my bet amount

Your total bet amount is the number of coins you bet, multiplied by the bet multiplier.

Tap Bet and select the total number of coins or credits you want to bet.

The game you are playing may not have the option to bet in credits.

Change from coins to credits

You can change your balance, bet and win amounts to display in coins or credits. Tap Coins to convert to credits, or tap Credits to convert to coins.

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